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Hell Town Product Information

Bring a little mischief to your day with Helltown beer. Helltown was founded in 2011 when several homebrewing friends bought a 15-barrel brewing system and set up shop. Its name comes from Mt. Pleasant’s nickname during the late 1700s Whiskey Rebellion. Helltown beers are made using high quality grains and hops.

Helltown beer is available in a wide variety of IPAs, lagers, ales, porter, stout, and seasonal beer. Discover your next favorite Helltown beer: Hells Delight, Pilsner, Lilith’s Cherriot, Mischievous Brown Ale, Latis IPA, Buffy IPA, Salem IPA, Sin IPA, Rapture IPA, Slayable, Misfits & Misanthropes, and seasonal beer: Forged in Hell, Interdimensional Pterodactyl, Hellping Hops, Idle Hands, Sanctuary, Purgatory, Wretched, American Wheat, Standard Shaft, BLQ Metal, Oktoberfest, and Good Intentions Porter. Check back often for the latest flavors.

Helltown Brewery – Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania