Molson Canadian

Canadian Lager

Molson Canadian Product Information

Take a sip of a clean, crisp, and fresh tasting Molson Canadian. Molson Canadian was created by John Molson, who at the age of 18 sailed on a leaking ship from England to Canada. In 1786 he founded the Molson Brewery, the oldest brewery in North America and Canada’s second oldest company. Not only is John Molson the founder of Molson Brewery, but he helped lobby for the first public hospital in Montreal, and he helped create the first ever railway connecting Canadians and their neighbors in the south. Molson Canadian was introduced in 1959 and is brewed with Canadian water, prairie barley, and zero preservatives. Molson Canadian earns its name with an iconic taste derived from authentic Canadian ingredients. Try one today.

5 percent alcohol per volume. 150 calories per 12 ounce serving.

Molson Brewing – Montreal, Quebec