Pacifico Clara

Pacifico Clara

Mexican Pilsner-Style Lager

Pacifico Clara Product Information

Pacifico Clara was established in Mazatlán, a small port town in Mexico, in 1900. The exceptionally drinkable lager quickly spread all the way up the coast to Baja, where this well-loved local beer was discovered and enjoyed by surfers exploring the coast (and local cantinas) in the 1970s. The excited surfers loaded up several cases of Pacifica and headed back to Southern California – the first of many small importers of this cerveza, born in the Baja. Today, the taste of Pacifico Clara has spread around the world and is imported as the perfect beer to enjoy while celebrating and relaxing anytime. Measure life by discoveries, not days, with Pacifico Clara.

Pacifico Clara was developed by German immigrants to Mexico – and it beautifully expresses a truly unique and enjoyable combination of the ripe flavors of an old-world pilsner combined with tastes of the Mazatlán coast. This is perfectly expressed in its mild, grainy sweetness, earthy hops, and hints of crisp, piney coastal freshness. It is a dry, pale straw colored lager that can be enjoyed with your meal or on its own. Best enjoyed with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lime. Pairings including grilled chicken tacos, carne asada, or a platter of fresh tortillas with pico de gallo. The whole world is yours in a bottle of Pacifico Clara.

4.5 percent alcohol by volume. 145 calories per 12-ounce serving.

Grupo Modelo S.A. De C.V. – Mexico City, Mexico