Irish Ale

Smithwick’s Product Information

Smithwick’s is Ireland’s most popular ale, brewed right on Kilkenny, Ireland’s famous Medieval Mile, since 1710. Kilkenny has a brewing tradition dating all the way back to the 13th century, when the monks of St. Francis Abbey began brewing delicious beer with water right out of the Friar’s well with natural wild plant materials found growing in abundance on the site. When John Smithwick arrived in Kilkenny, he had brewing in his blood. He selected the most skilled workers and the highest quality local ingredients to develop Smithwick’s award-winning ale. Brewed with passion and harvested from the land, Smithwick’s offers a true taste of Ireland in an exceptional world-class ale.

Smithwick’s Pale Ale is fruity, grassy, and loaded with complexity in flavor. Amarillo hops bring a fullness to this 2015 Monde Selection Grand Gold Award Winner. Smithwick’s Atlantic Blonde Ale is a crisp session ale, well-balanced and bright. Its golden taste, malty flavor, and citrus aroma with polaris hops make it an ideal thirst quencher anytime. Smithwick’s classic original Red Ale has stood the test of time with its ruby red color, mild hops, roasted barley, and sweet malt delivering a gentle bitterness balanced by tantalizingly sweet malt notes for a refreshing brew. It is no mystery why this is Ireland’s most beloved ale. Exquisite.

4.5 percent alcohol by volume. 150 calories per 12-ounce serving.

Guinness Limited – Kilkenny, Ireland