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Four Loko thrives on fueling the big stories that make each night unforgettable. Live in the moment? Four Loko salutes you! Big, bold, and unexpected is the Four Loko way of life. Push the boundaries and be EPIC with Four Loko.

Classic Camo Series

Meet the Four Loko Squad! Four Loko’s Classic Camo line boasts 12% ABV in five bold flavors: Grape, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Peach, and Strawberry Lemonade. Go big or go home with Four Loko Camo selections with 14% ABV: Sour Apple, Gold, Red, and Black. What do Gold, Red, and Black taste like? Try one and find out! You will not be disappointed!

Bold Series

Four Loko’s new Bold Series in Frost and Blaze takes your night into overtime with 14% ABV. Set the night on fire with Blaze – this is the kind of drink that reminds you that anything can happen. Wake up in a hot tub – or another country! Make stories so great people won’t even believe you with Four Loco Frost. Yeah. It’s that good.

Bartender Series

The new Bartender Series from Four Loko boasts three new selections with 10% ABV:

Blue Mofo – This is not a drink for the timid or shy.
Purple Hooter – The drink equivalent of the perfect relationship: down to chill, but also down to PARTY.
Pink Scorpion – Didn’t plan to go out tonight? Guess what? You are now. Grab a Pink Scorpion and enjoy whatever the night brings.

Original Camo: 12.0 percent alcohol by volume (Red and Black: 14.0 ABV) and 660 calories per 23.5-ounce can.

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34209 FOUR L. PEACH 23.5 OZ CAN

36209 FOUR L. WATERM 23.5 OZ C

37209 FOUR L. PUNCH 23.5 OZ CN

38209 FOUR L UVA GRAPE 23.5 OZ

39209 FOUR L LEM 23.5 OZ CAN