Redd’s Wicked Apple

American Fruit Ale

Redd’s Wicked Apple Product Information

Redd’s Wicked Apple is the first refreshingly hard ale of its kind to get your night started right. Get wicked with its eight percent alcohol by volume and an undeniable boldness. Redd’s Wicked Apple is a hard ale that amplifies Redd’s natural crisp apple flavor for an experience that starts strong and finishes smooth. Ramp it up with Redd’s Wicked Ale for the pregame. Choose this fresh alternative for the most epic events that are traditionally celebrated with spirits. Redd’s Wicked Ale smashes the competition. There’s Wicked Within!

8.0 percent alcohol by volume. 165 calories per 12-ounce serving.

Redd’s Brewing Company – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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32209 REDD’S WICKED 12/24 OZ C

32302 REDD’S WICKED 2/12 10 OZ

32304 REDD’S WICK 4/6 10 OZ CN

26258 REDD’S VAR 2/12 PK LN NR

26302 REDD’S VAR 2/12 PK CAN